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Leadership Moderator and Public Speaker

“Foster Preparation for life”

Catrina Foster, or Trina, is a dedicated self-examination moderator ​specializing in financial wealth, leadership, and personal development. With ​a passion for empowering individuals, Trina guides clients on ​transformative journeys using Critical Joy Elements (CJEs).

Trina believes in aligning personal and professional aspirations for true ​fulfillment. Through her expertise in self-examination, she helps individuals ​uncover their unique paths to success and happiness by integrating the ​pillars of CJEs into their lives.

A key focus for Trina is improving financial tracking systems to promote ​overall well-being. She assists clients in creating effective tools for ​managing finances, building a solid foundation for their financial future.

Trina also helps individuals cultivate leadership qualities and personal ​growth strategies, enabling them to make a meaningful impact. Her ​approach emphasizes self-reflection to unlock true potential, empowering ​clients to embrace strengths, overcome obstacles, and achieve success on ​their own terms.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey towards financial wealth, ​personal development, and a fulfilled life? Trina Foster is here to guide you. ​Discover the power of Critical Joy Elements and unlock your full potential ​with her expertise and support. Together, we can create a lasting legacy.

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*Establishing Purposeful Objectives**

Both in our professions and personal realms, setting ​well-defined objectives is key to navigating the path ​we wish to tread.

*Embracing Reflective Feedback**

Both introspection and the opinions of others are ​valuable compasses that keep us aligned with our ​purpose and enhance our sense of well-being.

*Spotting and Nurturing Areas for Growth**

Identifying potential areas for growth paves the way ​for an ongoing journey of self-enhancement and ​gratification.

*Applauding Milestones**

Acknowledging and commemorating our wins, big or ​small, uplifts our spirits and imparts a sense of ​achievement.

*Keeping an Eye on the Journey**

Observing our personal growth trajectory helps sustain ​our determination and enthusiasm in realizing our ​aspirations.

Development with a Moderator

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*Pursuing Opportunities for Growth**

Incorporating learning and personal development into ​our routine enriches our lives, fostering growth and ​contentment.

*Cultivating Connections**

Nurturing positive relationships offers a supportive ​network and a sense of community, key ingredients for ​joy and wellness.

*Harmonizing Professional and Personal Aspects**

Striking a balance among work, health, and ​relationships is the secret recipe for holistic happiness.

*Championing Autonomy**

Exercising control over our decisions and actions paves ​the way to a more satisfying existence.

*Putting Well-being First**

Health and wellness form the bedrock for experiencing ​joy and actively participating in life.

Leadership & ​Career ​Development

Understand your ​leadership style, ​strengths, and growth ​potential. Explore ​leadership behaviors to ​foster effective and ​inspiring leadership.

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identify areas for skill ​improvement, ​knowledge expansion, ​and acceleration ​potential. Propel ​towards self-evolution ​and self-realization.

Critical Joy Elements (CJEs) play a significant role in developing essential skills for leadership and ​personal development, encompassing giving and receiving feedback, self-assessments, performance ​ratings, and financial wellness. Here's how these elements contribute to the acquisition of these skills:

Giving and Receiving Feedback

CJEs emphasize open communication and self-awareness, essential for giving and receiving feedback ​effectively. By honing leadership skills through self-assessment and soliciting feedback, individuals gain a ​better understanding of their personal leadership style and improve communication with their team. This ​process allows for increased mindfulness of how colleagues perceive them, ultimately enhancing the ability ​to give and receive feedback constructively.


Self-assessments, integral to understanding one's strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, ​become a tool for building self-awareness and identifying personal growth areas through the lens of CJEs. ​Completing self-assessments and receiving peer feedback leads to a greater sense of awareness in one's ​role and improved communication with their team, fostering continuous self-improvement.

Performance Ratings

CJEs encourage a thorough audit of one's leadership style and abilities, enabling individuals to navigate ​through challenges and crises effectively. By leveraging the principles of CJEs, individuals develop a ​lifelong learning mentality, ensuring they are not left behind by shifts in their industry and can give their ​business a competitive edge. This approach fosters accountability, adaptability, and the ability to respond ​to change, crucial for effective performance ratings and professional development.

Financial Wellness

Integrating financial wellness into the framework of leadership and personal development empowers ​individuals to improve their financial tracking systems and create effective tools to manage their finances. ​Trina Foster and Associates provide guidance and support in developing strategies to enhance financial ​literacy, budgeting skills, and long-term financial planning. By gaining a better understanding of personal ​finances and implementing healthy financial habits, individuals can alleviate financial stress, achieve ​greater financial stability, and create a solid foundation for their future.

Critical Joy Elements provide a comprehensive approach to leadership and personal development, ​encompassing skills in giving and receiving feedback, self-assessment, performance ratings, and financial ​wellness improvement. By incorporating these elements into one's journey, individuals are equipped with ​the necessary tools to thrive both personally and professionally, leading to a fulfilling and successful life.

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